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Business Services

Network Assessment and Solutions

• Is your Network everything you need?
• Can you get more out of your existing equipment?
• Is it time to replace or upgrade outmoded PC's, Printers and Network hardware?
• Disaster Planning and Recovery
• Remote Connections and "Work From Home" Solutions
• Network Security
• Wireless and Wired networks
• File and Printer Sharing
• Printer/Scanner and Camera Installation and Configuration
• Security Analysis and Implementation
• Protect Your Sensitive Information With the Latest Encryption
• Speed up your Network - Get the Most for Your Dollar

Setup New PCs

• Migrate Data and Settings from old PC to New PC
• Transfer Email and Accounts to New PC
• Remove "Trialware" and Optimize New PC
• Install Antivirus and Antispyware Solution
• Install Vital Security Patches and Updates to Current Levels

PC Repair and Service

• Correct File System Errors
• Speed Up PC
• Remove Resource Hogging "Extras"
• Organize Data Storage
• Virus and Worm Removal
• Remove Dust and Grime
• Explain How to Stay "Dis-infected"
• Identity Theft Protection
• Install Vital Security Patches and Updates to Current Levels
• Test & Replace Failing Components as Needed
• Memory Upgrades
• Remote Maintenance for Quick Solutions
• Training in all areas of PC operation
• Operating System Upgrades/Downgrades

Disaster Recovery

• Recover Data From Failed Hard Drives
• Repair or Replace Failed Components
• Create Data Backup Plans

Office Relocation

Employee Training

• Learn more direct methods to control processes
• Standardize employee approach - cut down on redundant effort
• Efficient, low-stress training for Windows, Office, Internet and more
• Roll out Employee Safe Computing Policy

Workflow Optimization


• License audit and correction

And so much more ............ "Yes, we do that"


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